15 Tee Shirt Transformations || For Women

15 Tee Shirt Transformations For Women || Sewing With Knits


Have an old tee shirt laying around? Here are 15 amazing transformations that will bring new life to an old tee.

1. Lace Front Tee via Sweet Charli

2. Lace Heart Cut Out Tee via so zo what do you know

3.Cross Stitch Heart Tee via Uber Chic for Cheap

4: Striped Skirt via Cotton and Curls

5: DIY T-Shirt Weaving via Chictopia

6: Ruffle Front Tee via All things Heat and Home

7: The Anthro Inpired Tee via Shwin&Shwin

8: Bow Back Tee via Inspiration&Realisations

9: Spray Painted Tee Shirt via The Winthrop Cronicles

10: Pattern Pop Tee via Merricks Art

11. Men’s to Women’s Tee Transformation via Shwin&Shwin

12. Squeeze Box Top via Life is Beautiful

13. Bow Sleeve Tee via Creating Laura

14. T-shirt to Dress Transformation via Diary of a mad crafter

15. Flared Tee Shirt via Meggiepeg