50 Knit Sewing Projects for Boys

50 Boys Knit Sewing Projects || Sewing With Knits


Sewing for boys? Here is a round up of 50 of our favorite Boy friendly sewing projects:

  1. Contrast Pocket Tee via shwin&shwin
  2. Initial Tee via boy oh boy oh boy
  3. Elephant Hoodie via elegance&elephants
  4. Argyle Hooded Sweatshirt via melly sews
  5. Tuxedo Tee via max california
  6. Tee Shirt to Knit Pants via see kate sew
  7. Free Hooded Sweatshirt Pattern via shwin&shwin
  8. Basic Tee via made
  9. Turtle neck via boy oh boy oh boy
  10. Urban Unisex Sweatshirt via elegance&elephants
  11. Modern Captain America Tee via shwin&shwin
  12. Snail Tee via melly sews
  13. Elbow Patches via see kate sew
  14. V-neck Cardigan via elegance&elephants
  15. Free raglan tee pattern via boy oh boy oh boy
  16. Be Cool Tee via shwin&shwin
  17. Free Baby Romper Pattern via if only they would nap
  18. Bulldog Graphic Tee via shwin&shwin
  19. Snap Shoulder Raglan via melly sews
  20. Melted pocket tee via max california
  21. Spider Web Tee via see kate sew
  22. Easy Knit Pants via if only they would nap
  23. Anytime At All Tee via shwin&shwin
  24. Mesh Pants with Free Pattern via naptime creations
  25. DIY Graphic Tee via shwin&shwin
  26. Waves Tee via melly sews
  27. Vintage V Neck Tee via shwin&shwin
  28. Dinosaur Hoodie via the pinterest project
  29. Submarine Pullover via shwin&shwin
  30. I Love Camping Tee via twin dragonfly designs
  31. Contrast Yoke Tee via shwin&shwin
  32. Reverse Applique Tee via melly sews
  33. Sailboat Tee via shwin&shwin
  34. Bathrobe via max califorinia
  35. British Invasion Tee via shwin&shwin
  36. Football Jersey Tee via melly sews
  37. State Tee via shwin&shwin
  38. Smores Tee via twin dragonfly designs
  39. Slim Fit Transformer Tee via shwin&shwin
  40. Tee shirt to Jacket Transformation via i am momma hear me roar
  41. Color Block Tee via shwin&shwin
  42. Hooded Hipster via max california
  43. Cardigan Onesie via make it and love it
  44. Shark Hoodie via see kate sew
  45. Resize a Knit Polo via shwin&shwin
  46. Retro Sweatpants via elegance&elephants
  47. Knit Lounge Pants via hammer&thread
  48. Stamp Tee via see kate sew
  49. Upcycled Knit Hat via i am momma hear me roar
  50. Knit Pajamas via vanilla joy