Hi! I am Shauna and I am a knit fabric sewing addict. (the first step is confession)

I started Sewing with Knits as a place to share my obsession and help others over come the fear and begin the obsession as well.

I have been sewing for over 25 years. (what can I say I started young) I sew for myself and for my 3 kids, so I find that I sew with knits a lot. Knit fabric is so forgiving and comfy and easy to wear.

I have been blogging over at Shwin&Shwin (with my sister) for the past 5 years where we share a variety of sewing projects, home projects, kids crafts, beauty care, and other things. I also started my own pattern line 3 years ago, at Shwin Designs I share a variety of patterns for the whole family. A common question I got over the years was

“I am afraid to sew with knits where do I begin??”

Well, this is where you begin, (click on start here above) pick up some fabric and dive in. I wanted a place to share all the knit sewing goodness from around the web, as well as my own knit tutorials. Anything I can do to help you get started.


Want me to review a pattern? Fabric? Want us to feature you? Email me at: sewingwithknits@gmail.com